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Meet the president of chickenlandia

Letter from the president of ChickenlandiaGreetings and Welcome to Chickenlandia! My name is Dalia Monterroso, but most people know me as The President of Chickenlandia. I’ve been a Backyard Chicken Educator for many years, and my passion is teaching people from all walks of life how rewarding and beneficial chicken keeping can be.

For several years, I taught classes and gave seminars all about chicken keeping. But in 2020, I had to stop making in-person appearances for obvious reasons. Since then, I’ve focused all my energy on my YouTube Channel Welcome to Chickenlandia, My podcast Bawk Tawk, and my new online course Chickenlandia’s Backyard Chickens 101: A Chicken Course for Everyone. My aim is to show people that you can have happier chickens and healthier eggs by keeping them confidently, naturally, and sustainably.

I welcome you to discover all that Chickenlandia has to offer, from fun chicken videos to learning new chicken-keeping skills. And I also hope you can find some inspiration here. In Chickenlandia, we believe that a small action like caring for chickens can positively impact our families, our communities, and even the world. I know we humans are kinda having a hard time with each other right now. Let’s take a break and come together in Chickenlandia. ♥

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Welcome to Chickenlandia

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