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Greetings and Welcome to Chickenlandia! I’m Dalia, aka The President of Chickenlandia. I’m a Backyard Chicken Educator in Northwest Washington, and my passion is teaching how rewarding and beneficial chicken keeping can be. I guess you could say I take loving chickens pretty seriously (but not too seriously).

I’m so happy you’re here. I want you to know first and foremost that you belong here. Everyone belongs in Chickenlandia, because chickens are one of humankind’s most incredible common denominators. To understand more of what I mean, please check out my TEDX Talk linked below, and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here.

I welcome you to discover all Chickenlandia has to offer, from fun chicken stories and videos, to learning new chicken-keeping skills. I know we humans are kinda having a hard time right now. Let’s take a break and come together in Chickenlandia. ♥

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