Caring for Chickens in the Summer

Ya’ll know I live in the Pacific Northwest, where the hottest it gets is possibly mid-nineties once or twice a year. I actually miss the heat (I’m originally from Texas), but I know that very high temperatures aren’t great for my chickens. Chickens are hardy creatures, but heat is one of their worst enemies.

Last year, my sister (who I refer to often as The Pippa of Chickenlandia), lost a chicken to heat stroke. After that tragedy I created a video with some tips on how to keep your chickens cool in the summer. You can check that out here:

Such Cool Chicks

Of course, during the summer it’s still fun to give your chickens some treats. Feeding them too much in the hot months isn’t great for them, though, which is why I created this year’s video featuring the Top Five Summertime Treats for Chickens. All the treats mentioned are easy to prepare, and offer a fun and healthy snack for your chooks. Check it out by clicking the play button below!

Do you have a favorite chicken treat for summer? Let me know in the comments!

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