Coop Hack! Keep Chickens and Ducks Together with Less Mess

If you’ve seen any of my videos, you likely know I have a VERY mixed flock. I love to keep it that way, because Chickenlandia’s diversity reminds me that humans are meant to live together peacefully as well. I know it’s a lofty dream but someday it WILL come true!

The very diverse chickens at Holly Farm

Until then, let’s practice by finding ways to keep our mixed flock together in a way that works for everyone. One of the issues with keeping ducks and chickens together is the MESS. And I mean real MESS. Gross, yucky, poopy mess.

Hahaha an oldie but a goodie from my flock.

Check out my latest video for a fun Coop Hack that will make it possible for you to cut down the mess and amp up the cute in your mixed flock of chickens and ducks. Just press the play button below!

What has your mixed flock taught you about being human? Let me know in the comments!

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