Finding The Chickenlandia Way

Even when it isn’t personal, rejection is hard. I confess that I’ve always been someone that takes any kind of rejection straight to the heart. The times in my life when it’s happened are events stuck in my memory. But looking back, those times appear like signposts, pointing toward spiritual and/or emotional growth spurts. So even though it’s really tough, rejection has been a necessary experience for me and for Chickenlandia.

Rejection is never easy!

Now let’s talk about social media. If you’re like me, you probably have to be very careful when it comes to this online world. While it seems that others can separate the screen from reality, Chickenlandia spends so much time connecting with people via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course, YouTube, that much of my world revolves around it. I’ve learned that I need to protect Chickenlandia, and myself. Enter my most recent run-in with rejection.

Sad, sad chicken!

Has anyone ever told you not to go online first thing in the morning? Whoever told you that was a smart person. I’ve also been given that advice, but last week, at around 5:45am, I did not heed it. I rolled over in bed, grabbed my phone, and I went onto a social media site to start reading about chickens (educational, right?). It was at that moment that I discovered something surprising. I had been blocked by a fellow chicken person! The worst thing was I had no idea why. OUCH! There’s that rejection signpost again.

Which way shall I go?

I had a choice at the vulnerable moment. Which way should I go? Well, I decided to go The Chickenlandia Way. It’s a path that was made clearer by a rejection I’ll likely never know the reason for. But I’m grateful for the signpost. I really needed it. Click the play button below to find out why!

How has rejection affected your life? Let me know in the comments!

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