How and What to Feed Backyard Chickens

Whether you are just getting started on your backyard chicken journey or are you a seasoned chicken parent, there’s always something new to be learned about how and what to feed your chickens. Check out my video by clicking the play button below!

What do you feed your chickens? Let me know in the comments!

4 comments on “How and What to Feed Backyard Chickens”

  1. This is a great video! I still feel unsure about the feeding at different ages. Our chicks are seven weeks old. Should we move on from chick starter now? Do we go to grower feed, and for how long (are the bags marked grower feed)? And then maybe sixteen weeks for the layer feed?

    1. You can keep them on starter or move them to grower feed at this time. Switch them over to layer once they start laying or at 20 weeks if they haven’t started laying yet. :-)

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