How to Break a Broody Hen

Holy Faverolles, the BROODIES! This year is just awful. Is there something in the water? I think it might be a conspiracy!

She’s not trying to hear about my conspiracy theories!

So many different opinions on what to do with broody hens.

“Dunk them in ice water!” (I actually don’t recommend this one)

“Lock them out of the nest!” (Seems a tad stressful for them but maybe?)

“Take them for a car ride!”

Wait, what? I’ve got a Chickenlandia Mobile that’s just itching to try this one out. I’m intrigued!

The Chickenlandia Mobile

Of course, there are some gentle, tried and true methods to breaking broodies that actually work. To learn all about one PLUS see how my car ride experiment went, check out the video below!

Do you have any gentle broody-breaking methods I should try out? Let me know in the comments!

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