How to Deal with Mud in the Chicken Yard

Mud, glorious mud. What I would give to be at a swanky spa right now, covered in a mud mask. But walking knee deep in mud at 7am on a Monday morning, slipping, and having to see the chiropractor immediately because I broke my butt? Yeah, that’s not my idea of relaxing. It’s also not fun for chickens, who have a greater chance of getting sick in wet, muddy conditions. Why did I have to move to the Pacific Northwest? LOL *sigh*

Not a Spa Day

Last year in Chickenlandia! It was just awful.

To make matters worse, depending on where you live, muddy season might come at the same time as molting season. And molting season is also parasite season. Ugh… I love pumpkins but Autumn is not the easiest time for chicken keepers.

Chickens love pumpkins, too!

Easy as Pie!

It took me a long time to find a solution for my muddy chicken yard, but I’m proud to say that Chickenlandia is FINALLY mud free! How did I do it? Check out this video from my YouTube Channel to find out:

Do you have any nifty mud solutions? Let me know in the comments!

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