How to Sprout Grains and Seeds for Chickens!

I live in a subdivision a few blocks outside the city limits. When the neighborhood was built the plan was for it to be under the control of a Homeowner’s Association. Luckily for me, the HOA never developed. If it had, I likely would not be able to keep chickens on my small lot and Chickenlandia would only exist in a parallel universe. How sad would that be?

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Being grateful.

I’m pretty grateful for what I have, but there are times when I get a twinge of envy toward those who’s chickens get to graze on large pieces of land. Are my chickens missing out nutritionally because they aren’t pasture-raised? Is my family missing out on the extra nutrition we know is present in pasture-raised eggs? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Studies have shown that pasture raised hens produce eggs with more nutrition than those laid in confined areas. Of course, I’m not running a factory farm here (eww) and my chickens do get lots of nutrition in their diet in comparison, but what if I could give them some of what they’re missing because they don’t have access to pasture? Enter sprouted grains and seeds.

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It’s so easy.

Let’s talk about how cluckin’ easy it is to grow sprouts. If you have a fairly small flock like mine, here’s all you need:

  1. A Jar
  2. A Lid with Mesh Insert or another lid with small holes
  3. Seeds or Grains
  4. Water

And that’s it!

The process is super easy, I promise. Another BIG PLUS is that it can save you some money on your feed bill. Check out these easy instructions:

nom nom nom

Do you think this is something you would like to do for your flock? Let me know in the comments!

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