How to Support Your Chickens Through a Molt

I love summer, but I really don’t like molting season! It’s definitely upon us in Chickenlandia, as can be seen by all the feathers.

Feathers, feathers everywhere!

Molting is a perfectly natural and important part of a chicken’s life. It normally happens in late summer or early fall, and lasts about a month depending individual chicken genetics. Even though it’s hot in most places at the moment, winter is definitely coming and it’s crucial for chickens to have a nice, new set of feathers to get them through the colder days.

Winter in Chickenlandia

Although molting is natural and healthy, replacing all those feathers does take a lot out of a chicken. It’s important to know how to replace some nutrients during this time. To learn more, check out my recent video on my YouTube Channel, Welcome to Chickenlandia! Hope you love it.

Are your chickens going through a molt yet? Let me know in the comments!

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