Keeping Chickens Cool in the Summer

As chicken people, we know that chickens are super cool all year round, personality wise. But what about temperature wise? This summer we’ve seen some dangerously high temperatures across the country. Last week was a tough one for Texas where my sister, The Pippa of Chickenlandia, lives with her family and their menagerie of critters. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts one of their favorite chickens didn’t make it. RIP Lil Miss Chicky. Here she is with my niece, Julia.

I know it’s a little late in the summer but I thought I would make a video about keeping chickens cool in hopes that it might save more chickens. Please remember that with the record temperatures we’re seeing this year, heat exhaustion can happen even when you do everything right (as was the case with Lil’ Miss Chicky). I’m sending lots of cool Pacific Northwest vibes to all the flocks out there!

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