Preventing Mites and Lice During the Colder Months

I feel like we didn’t even get a fall this year. Who’s with me? Wasn’t it just summer? And now here we are, with a frozen hose. I confess to being slightly cranky about it. I’m working on being more grateful (I mean, I’m writing this on Thanksgiving so I should really check myself LOL)

Community Dust Bath!

One season ends and another begins

We’re on the tale-end of molting and parasite season, but it’s not too late to do something a little extra to prevent mites and lice through the colder months. And what I’m about to show you really is something you can do all year. It has a ton of benefits regardless of the season.

Most of us are aware that our chickens need to dust bathe in order to stay clean and external parasite free. But what are we to do during the rainy and/or snowy seasons? It’s hard for a chicken to find a place to dustbathe during this time of year. They need dry, dusty dirt or sand. What’s a chicken to do?

Homemade Dusting Box?

Chicken parents know what’s up

Enter you: the chicken parent. You can provide them with a DIY dustbath, complete with dry dirt or sand, diatomaceous earth, wood ash, and even aromatic herbs. Want to know how to do it? Click the play button below:

And if you want to be REALLY extra, you can watch my update video where I show you a neat chicken coop HACK for a mess-free dust box:

What special things do you do for your chickens in the colder months? Let me know in the comments!

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