Stay Tuned for the Chicken Event of the Millenia!

Since October, I’ve been steadily working on my highly anticipated online course: Chickenlandia’s Backyard Chickens 101 – A Chicken Course for EVERYONE. Well, guess what? There’s finally a launch date! I’m proud to announce that the course will launch on March 2nd, 2021. Yep, you will finally be able to take the course and become the confident chicken keeper you’ve always dreamed of being. Get ready to go from newbie to expert in just a few hours!

You’ve waited your whole life for this moment!

There’s gonna be contests, there’s gonna be prizes, there’s gonna be people who WIN THE COURSE FOR FREE. If you don’t want to miss out on the fun, you need to be sure and follow me on Instagram. I’m so excited, I can barely cluckin’ contain myself!

Look how excited I am!

I remember how confusing it was like researching chickens for the first time. I wanted to find credible information that was more natural and sustainable. I wanted to feel confident that whatever happened, I would have the tools I needed to care for my chickens in a meaningful way. Looking back, I now know that some of the information I initially trusted wasn’t credible. I regret that I had to go through so much trial and error, and I really don’t want to see that happen to other people or their chickens. That’s why I created a course that is interactive, fun, and full of credible information gathered from real-life experience and extensive research. I’ve been a Backyard Chicken Educator for almost ten years. I take a lot of pride in the content I deliver, and this course is no exception.

So hang on to your combs and wattles, because Launch Week is gonna be FUN. Make sure to share this event with your chicken-dreaming friends and family. And let me know what you’re excited about concerning Chickenlandia’s Backyard Chickens 101 – A Chicken Course for EVERYONE in the comments below!

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