The 2019 Chickenlandia Halloween Special!

Making Videos is Hard…and FUN

When I started my YouTube Channel last summer, I had no idea the work it would involve. I also had no idea how much it would fulfill my life. Sometimes, making videos week after week can be overwhelming. But like most passions, the moments when it feels like work are fleeting.

Art by Sarah Hudock

When I was a kid, all I wanted was to be a super star. It didn’t really matter what kind. One day I wanted to be an actress, the next a rock star, the next a Great American Filmmaker. I just wanted to create, and for others to benefit from my creations. I also wanted to save the world. The latter hasn’t happened (yet) but with the creation of Chickenlandia, LLC, all my other dreams are coming true!

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Me and Gnoli during my TEDx Talk!

Holiday Special, Anyone?

I love educating people about chickens, which is why there is so much educational content on my YouTube channel and website. But you know what else I love? Entertaining! And filmmaking! That’s why every once in a while I just have to release a holiday special, or a mockumentary, or even a gag PSA. Last year, around this time, I released my first Chickenlandia Halloween Special. Check it out:

And this year, I’ve taken it up a notch. The 2019 Chickenlandia Halloween Special has Kiki being abducted by aliens, all coordinated by Pac-Man the Hen. Could this be the sequel to My Chickens Want to Raid Area 51? YOU DECIDE. Unless you’re chicken. LOL

Who did Kiki get so BIG?

What’s your passion? Let me know in the comments!

4 comments on “The 2019 Chickenlandia Halloween Special!”

  1. I love how creative you are with your YouTube content. Playing music was a passion of mine early on in life. I also enjoyed making comedy sketch type films with my son, nephews, and nieces when I was in my 30’s and the kids were all grade school age. I would come up with an idea and just have them move their mouths while I did all of the voices. YouTube has been a great creative outlet for me to continue playing around with film/video and music.

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