The Life of a Chicken Lady

Henlo, Frens! Well, this week has been a little up and down. We all ended up with chest colds which forced us to slow down and focus on healing. We’re on the mend now, which is good, and I did get a chance to create a vlog before the sickness hit! It’s all about my life as a chicken lady. I hope you enjoy That Chicken Lady Life on my YouTube channel. Just click the play button below.

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2 comments on “The Life of a Chicken Lady”

  1. I grew up with chickens. As a kid, my dad and mom (who were raised on the farm) had chickens on some of our acreage. I remember not doing all which is done these days, but I believe times are different now.

    I am getting into raising a few chickens for my grandsons. I really appreciate your videos and have gleaned a lot of info from them. I am getting an Oklahoma made 8×24 coop and run which should take care of what I need to raise a small flock.

    I really appreciate the helpful information. Thanks.

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