They Destroyed My Chicken Run!

Well, technically, it’s THEIR chicken run, but I’m the one who designed it! Look at how filthy Picachu is and what they did to my beautiful salad bars!

Action shot of chicken destruction in process!

Just so you know, the reason Picachu looks so filthy is because I had to treat them for scaly leg mite this week. Scaly leg mite is a parasite that hangs out on the legs of birds and can cause lots of discomfort for them. I have a true disdain for this particular critter because I’ve dealt with it SO MUCH. I guess rescuing many chickens makes Chickenlandia more susceptible. To treat it, I use Dr. Naylor’s Udder Balm (I’m not sponsored by them, just really like the product).

Good Ol’ Dr. Naylor

Just slather it on their clean legs every few days for a few weeks and you should be good. It DOES make them very dirty, though, because it is a petroleum product and so every speck of dirt sticks to them. It’s pretty funny, actually.

But anyway, back to the destructive force of my chickens! To see the full level of their destruction, check out my latest video!

Are your chickens demolition devils? Let me know in the comments!

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