Three Totally EXTRA Ideas for Your Chicken Yard

There’s a saying in the chicken-keeping world: A chicken coop is never done. It truly does seem that no matter how long you’ve had chickens, you’re never really done adding things, fixing things, and making things better. You can definitely see this process in Chickenlandia by checking out some of my older videos compared to my newer ones.

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Is this even real?

Every time I think I’ve reached epic fabulousness with a new hack or project, I’m delighted to discover additional ways to take it to the next level. For instance, I recently watched this video from my friends over at Old Redding Farm about a SKY BRIDGE they built for their chickens. That’s right, folks. A SKY BRIDGE. How cluckin’ extra is that? You have to watch to believe:

I cannot even with this chicken skybridge!

I’m jealous of these skillz.

Maybe someday I will build something similar for my chickens, but for now, I’ll just stew in jealousy LOL. The same can be said for another totally extra project I recently discovered my friend Kira embarking on. Over at her channel Homestead Dreaming, she created “chunnels” for her chickens. If you’re not familiar with what those are, they’re basically predator-proof tunnels your chickens can roam into new territory through. Check out her video here:

The chicken skillz are real!

No shame in my chicken game!

Of course, this blog post wouldn’t be correct without a shoutout to my own chicken-fabulousness. Last year, my awesome friends Julie and Kris create some chicken salad bars for me. And no, I’m not talking about eating chicken salad, I’m talking about your chickens having their own fresh salad right in their chicken yard! That’s right, you can actually grow things in your chicken yard without them completely demolishing it in seconds. I call it pasture raising without pasture and it IS possible. Check out what I mean here:

What about you? What TOTALLY EXTRA things have you created for your chickens? Let me know in the comments!

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