Urban Chicken Keeping | How to Keep Chickens in the City!

Oh, how I love my chickens! But I also love those big city lights. Well, maybe not REALLY big city. Small town is more like it LOL.

Taylor Dock in Bellingham, Washington

I do think of Chickenlandia as being an urban flock, even though I actually live about a block outside of the city limits. But I live in a subdivision, so many of the issues I face are similar to those who keep chickens in urban areas. Close quarters mean extra consideration for your neighbors!

My flock enjoying each other’s company.

They Lurk Among Us

Many people think that since they live in the city, predator proofing their chicken coop and run isn’t as important. This is so not true! You definitely need to be mindful of the many critters that live in urban areas. Raccoons and domestic dogs are the worst offenders. As always, my recommendation is to make it impossible for them to get to your chickens, rather than getting angry at them for doing what’s in their nature. I have to keep my own dogs away from my chickens to keep everyone safe!

Welcome to Chickenlandia Dogs
Sofie the Chicken Chaser!

Be Proactive!

Keeping chickens in a small space means that if disease or parasites hit, you can’t just move the whole flock to a new area of pasture. This makes preventing illness and parasites even more important. I’ve gotten into the habit of offering immune boosting herbs, parasite repelling herbs, and sprouted grains, among other things. Stay tuned for more information on exactly what I do to keep them healthy and happy!

Kiki checking out a healthy, homemade treat!

Watch and Learn!

This week’s video is a detailed look at my urban coop and run, with some sound advice on how to make things super easy and fun for your city flock. Click the play button below to check it out!

Do you or are you thinking about having chickens in the city? Let me know in the comments!

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