“Dice” the Duckling!

Thought you would enjoy a quick update on Chickenlandia’s adorable new addition, “Dice” (this is what happens when you let a four-year-old name something LOL). Enjoy this cute video on Chickenlandia’s YouTube Channel!

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#DuckMath Surprise at our Local Farm Store!

Is there anything more fun than a trip to the local farm store? The Little Prince of Chickenlandia, our friend Audrey, and yours truly recently visited Downtown Bellingham’s Hohl Seed and Feed and got a special surprise for Chickenlandia! You can watch the whole story here (it’s super cute so I highly recommend you watch!):

Some of you may remember way back when The First Man and I were part owners of a farm store in Lynden, WA. It was both a fun time and a challenging time, but I will be forever grateful for the experience. Especially since Chickenlandia was born there!

Welcome to Chickenlandia

One of the things that was really hard for me in the farm store business was the selling of small animals. I’m very conflicted about it, even when it comes to baby chicks (more on this later). I have to be honest and say that after we left the business I vowed never to do that again. It was too hard, and I really feel like the animals got the short end of the stick. This is one reason why I believe in rescue. Here’s a not-so-great pic of our four rescue dogs!

Rescue dogs of Chickenlandia

My friend Kelcie was an employee at our store and is now the manager of Hohl Feed and Seed (you can see her in my latest vlog). She and I are very like minded in our care for animals, which is one of the reasons I love Hohl’s so much. I know the animals there are cared for extremely well, and that they do their best to educate people on proper care. I also know that if there is a sick or injured animal, it WILL be cared for by expert hands. In fact, I’ll be telling the story about how Kelcie saved a little chick with splayed leg soon.

Welcome To Chickenlandia

Hohl’s did sponsor this video and blog post, but I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I would not promote a business I didn’t believe in whole-heartedly. I’m so proud of Bellingham’s local farm store! What about you? Do you have a local store you love? Give them a shout out in the comments.

Philippe’s First Crow!

Bantam Rooster Phillipe

Can Philippe really fill Boy George the Rooster’s fab shoes?

I was so worried when I introduced Philippe to my existing rooster Boy George. You just never know how roosters are gonna get along, if at all. To my surprise, Boy George was friendly to Philippe. In fact, my keen chicken intuition indicated that Boy George was looking to make Philippe the son he never had, and pass down his great Chickenlandia legacy to him. But there was something he needed to observe before he made that final decision. He needed to hear the strength of Philippe’s first crow.

Rooster Boy George

Is Philippe worthy of filling Boy George’s shoes? Boy George has always had the most magnificent crow. Our lucky friends and neighbors can hear him far and wide, singing, “KarmaKarmaKarmaCockadoodleDoo!” or something like that.

Well, it just so happens I was able to catch Philippe’s first crow on video (okay, so it wasn’t his ACTUAL first crow but pretty close!). You can check it out on Welcome to Chickenlandia’s new YouTube Channel! Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel so you can see all the Chickenlandia fun. <3

(Turn up the sound!)

So, what do you think? Does Philippe’s first crow pass the test?

#ChickenMath and a NEW YouTube Channel!

Go straight to the Vlog!

Some of you that follow me on Facebook and Instagram might remember a sweet little chick I brought home from one of my Scratch and Peck Feeds ambassador events. The event was held on a Saturday, at a farm store that had just received a new batch of baby chicks.

Welcome to Chickenlandia

But one wasn’t doing well. She was listless and peeping. The employees told me they wouldn’t be able to help her the next day, as the store would be closed. Of course I had to take her home! To see a video of me syringe feeding her, click here.

Lucky actually bounced back well once I got her home and started some emergency TLC. With regular feedings of egg yolk and vitamins, she appeared to be making a breakthrough, so I decided to get her a couple of friends. That’s when Poptart and Philippe entered our lives! #ChickenMath, amIright???

Over the next couple of weeks, Poptart and Philippe thrived, but I noticed something wasn’t quite right with little Lucky. She didn’t grow normally and I knew there was something wrong. I tried so hard to save her but she flew over the rainbow bridge. She died very loved by the Chickenlandia family!

Welcome to Chickenlandia

Lucky has gone, but Poptart and Philippe are still here warming our hearts. Even though I already have a rooster, I’m hoping to keep Philippe. If it turns out I can’t, I’ll send him to live with my very good friends over at Barclay Farm Retirement Sanctuary. (If you would like to make a donation to the Barclay Farm, click here!)

So, it’s been a Spring of many ups and a few downs. But I have some very exciting news! My new Youtube Channel has officially launched! Check out this fun vlog about Poptart and Philippe by clicking below. Make sure to like my video and subscribe to my channel for more chicken fun. <3

The First Man’s Surprise

The First Man has a very hectic schedule. A few days ago, he came home for just an hour after working on this super cool train project, and then left for another several days on another trip. Such is the life of The First Man. That, and dealing with my metamorphosis into The President of Chickenlandia.

Dalia Monterroso

The First Man has many amazing qualities, but one of the best is his willingness to support my chicken love. His hard work is one of the main reasons Chickenlandia exists at all. And he always indulges my #ChickenMath tendencies. Which I guess is why he surprised me during his short time home with something amazing! But what is it? Even Missy, The Baby Demogorgon of Chickenlandia, was eager to find out (bottom left).


My kids and I were anxious to open it up and see!

Welcome to Chickenlandia

Okay so there were a few glitches…

But with a little perseverance, we finally got it open!

I could already tell that Teddy, The Chupacabra of Chickenlandia, was waiting for an opportunity to pee on it. So I moved it into the hallway.

Welcome to Chickenlandia

Thank you so much to The First Man for bringing me this rooster from Found Objects in McMinnville, Oregon! I’ve got some big plans for it. Stay tuned and sign up for Chickenlandia News and Stories to see what happens!


The Incredible Story of Fussy the Meat Chicken

It was a couple of weeks past Yom Kippur when my friend Peninah and her husband were walking through her Brooklyn neighborhood. At some point during their stroll, Peninah saw what appeared to be, of all things, a chicken. Yes, you read that correctly. She saw a rooster pecking and scratching on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. I found this pic of the area on Google Maps:

Fussy found in Brooklyn

The chicken was on the sidewalk in front of a men’s dormitory. When Peninah approached the bird, he ran through the fence in the direction of a group of young men, who told her he had been there for a couple of weeks. They said they had been caring for him the best they could, feeding him various scraps and bread. Peninah must have the most compassionate, glowing aura, because before she knew it the young men were handing her a box with the fluffy, white rooster inside. She and her understandably reluctant husband (I mean, can you blame him?) headed home with their new friend.

Peninah set the bird up in her bathtub and assessed the strange situation while her children doted over him. He turned out to be pretty tame and settled into the domestic life like a duck to water. Only this was no Central Park duck. This was a chicken. A chicken she found on the sidewalk in one of the busiest urban environments in the world. How did this happen?

Fussy the chicken settles in

She figured he was meant to be in a pot of matzo ball soup yet somehow managed to make it to the other side. But how? Maybe someone saw a special spark in his eye and spared him. Maybe he snuck out a bathroom window. Maybe he hailed a cab but couldn’t come up with the fare to get to Jersey. As the owl says, the world may never know.

Needless to say, Peninah, her children, and eventually her husband fell in love (okay, maybe her husband fell in “like” LOL). They decided to keep him for the time being and gave him the very fitting name “Fussy” (did I mention Fussy likes treats?).

Fussy the Chicken loves treats

For several months, Fussy lived quite the posh life as a Brooklyn rooster. Since he is a meat chicken who needs to stay fit lest he get too large for his legs, his diet consisted of fresh greens, bugs, excellent feed, and the occasional Cheerio from the kitchen floor. He spent his days mostly outside, pecking and scratching the earth while enjoying the fresh air. Not a bad life at all. Peninah even got him a couple of ladies, which he, ahem, liked very much. Recently, it was learned that roosters aren’t allowed in Peninah’s neighborhood, so she did what any good chicken mama would do and found a wonderful new human to love and care for him for the rest of his days. He has many ladies now and is still eating healthy and in great physical shape. One thing is for certain: Fussy is a loved guy.

Fussy’s story is the first in my blog. When I think of him, I think of new beginnings. I think of letting go of the past. I think it’s never too late to make a new story. I think Fussy is incredible, and I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things he will do with the time no one thought he’d ever have. <3

Fussy the Chicken



A Letter from The President of Chickenlandia

Letter from the president of ChickenlandiaGreetings and Welcome to Chickenlandia! I’m Dalia, also known as The President of Chickenlandia. As you can see, I take loving chickens pretty seriously.

I’m so happy you’re here. I want you to know that first and foremost, you belong here. Everyone belongs in Chickenlandia because chickens are one of humankind’s most incredible common denominators. To understand more of what I mean, please check out my TEDX Talk.

Basically, all of us have loved chickens one way or another, which means we have something great in common. Honestly, what could be more great than a flock of fuzzy-butted chickens?

I hope you’ll stick with me as we discover this wonderful chicken world together. In fact, I’d love to share some of your stories here on my website. If you have a unique chicken story, please submit it to me by email

I know we humans are kinda having a hard time right now. Let’s take a break and come together in Chickenlandia. <3

Viva La Chickenlandia!

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