How to Break a Broody Hen

Holy Faverolles, the BROODIES! This year is just awful. Is there something in the water? I think it might be a conspiracy!

She’s not trying to hear about my conspiracy theories!

So many different opinions on what to do with broody hens.

“Dunk them in ice water!” (I actually don’t recommend this one)

“Lock them out of the nest!” (Seems a tad stressful for them but maybe?)

“Take them for a car ride!”

Wait, what? I’ve got a Chickenlandia Mobile that’s just itching to try this one out. I’m intrigued!

The Chickenlandia Mobile

Of course, there are some gentle, tried and true methods to breaking broodies that actually work. To learn all about one PLUS see how my car ride experiment went, check out the video below!

Do you have any gentle broody-breaking methods I should try out? Let me know in the comments!

A New Kind of Chicken Dance

You remember The Forbidden Chicken Dance, don’t you? If not, check it out here:

You want to dance The Serama! That’s the Forbidden Chicken Dance!

Well hold on to your chickens because there’s a new dance in town and it’s definitely NOT forbidden. Check out Chickenlandia’s Git Up Challenge video here:

Have YOU done the #gitupchallenge? Let me know in the comments!

Coop Hack! Keep Chickens and Ducks Together with Less Mess

If you’ve seen any of my videos, you likely know I have a VERY mixed flock. I love to keep it that way, because Chickenlandia’s diversity reminds me that humans are meant to live together peacefully as well. I know it’s a lofty dream but someday it WILL come true!

The very diverse chickens at Holly Farm

Until then, let’s practice by finding ways to keep our mixed flock together in a way that works for everyone. One of the issues with keeping ducks and chickens together is the MESS. And I mean real MESS. Gross, yucky, poopy mess.

Hahaha an oldie but a goodie from my flock.

Check out my latest video for a fun Coop Hack that will make it possible for you to cut down the mess and amp up the cute in your mixed flock of chickens and ducks. Just press the play button below!

What has your mixed flock taught you about being human? Let me know in the comments!

My Favorite Chicken Nesting Pads Review

Henlo, friends! It’s been an eventful couple of weeks with lots of fun chicken things going on. Of course, chicken chores are never really done. So, despite my busyness, I had to clean out the nesting boxes. Enter my newest obsession: My Favorite Chicken Nesting Pads with Aromatic Nesting Herbs!

Judgey chicken is judging me!

I have something yucky to share. I’ve have dealt with mite infestations for two years in a row and I’m pretty much done with it. It’s awful to discover your chickens crawling with bugs, and the treatment is a real pain. This year, I have vowed to do all I can to prevent them. One of my ideas was to try anything that makes thoroughly cleaning the nesting boxes easier. Full disclosure: My Favorite Chicken contacted me and sent me these pads for free, to try out and review. But by the time they contacted me, I had already heard through the grapevine that these things were amazing.

Clean nesting box!

One of the things that really attracted me to these pads were the fact that they have aromatic herbs infused right into them. I have already been using the herbal blend Nesting Medley (formerly known as Coop Confetti) from Scratch and Peck Feeds in my coop, so this made perfect sense. The herbs are known to ward off mites and lice!

Gnoli being cute on her new nesting pads!

To watch my full review and follow-up, click the play buttons below! And stay tuned for more updates.

First Day trying them out!
One week follow-up!

What do you think? Does this look like something you might want to try? Let me know in the comments!

Redemption is Often About Letting Go

It’s a familiar scenario for most people. You’re lying awake at night, reliving something you did or said that day. The moment is gone but the feeling is still vivid: a mix of humiliation and regret. If only there were a way to undo that thing you did! Sadly, this experience is another common denominator among humans. And it’s not nearly as fun as chickens.

Not fun at all.

I am definitely familiar with this feeling. In fact, I was experiencing it recently when I was asked to teach a class at a nearby library. From what I remembered, I taught a class there years ago. At the time, I was pregnant with The Little Prince of Chickenlandia, and I want to just divulge right now that I am not a fun pregnant person. I wasn’t my best self when I was there, and I regret that. It has bothered me ever since.

Cute on the outside, cranky on the inside!

When I thought I would get a second chance, I was so happy! Happy to feel forgiven, and happy for the opportunity to redeem myself. But did I ever get that chance? You’ll have to watch to find out:

Alas, life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. But it just goes to show that sometimes redemption has to come from within. Sometimes the best way to redeem yourself is to let things go, and grow into a new person one moment at a time. <3

Chicken Bloopers!

Henlo, friends! The Chickenlandia Family and I are taking a few days mini vacation this week, so I decided to put together a little blooper reel to hold you over until the next video. Hope you love it!

Have you experienced anything with your chickens that you wish was caught on tape? Or maybe you’re glad it wasn’t! Let me know in the comments. <3

Homemade Chicken Treats, the Chickenlandia Way!

I love it when The Queen Mother of Chickenlandia (my mom) comes for a visit. For the two weeks she’s here, my family and I get to eat the best food.

There she is behind me, cooking away!

The kids have a favorite and I don’t blame them: homemade tortillas. We made some together a few days ago and I got to thinking, why not share some of the fun with the chickens? That’s when I got the idea for some homemade chicken treats, the Chickenlandia Way!

Yummy chicken treats!

My mom is originally from Guatemala, where homemade tortillas are a staple. They seem complicated, but they are actually very easy to make. All you need is masa (you can find this at most grocery stores in the Hispanic section), water, and a hot cast iron pan.

They’re almost ready!

Of course they are totally fantastic with another Guatemalan staple, guacamole! The kids gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow. Afterwards, they decided to go out to play while my mom and I created my new masterpiece, homemade chicken treats using homemade tortillas! The chickens loved them, even though they were a tad skeptical at first.

Kiki isn’t so sure about this thing.

The treats can be made for wild birds as well, using wild bird seed or the Henny and Roo Forage Seeds that I used. For chickens, they can be tied up or just placed on the ground so they can go at it! Want to learn how to make this super easy and healthy treat? Watch the video below! You may just end up making some homemade tortillas as well:

Watch and learn!

So what do you think? Are homemade tortillas or chicken treats in your future? Let me know in the comments!

Finding The Chickenlandia Way

Even when it isn’t personal, rejection is hard. I confess that I’ve always been someone that takes any kind of rejection straight to the heart. The times in my life when it’s happened are events stuck in my memory. But looking back, those times appear like signposts, pointing toward spiritual and/or emotional growth spurts. So even though it’s really tough, rejection has been a necessary experience for me and for Chickenlandia.

Rejection is never easy!

Now let’s talk about social media. If you’re like me, you probably have to be very careful when it comes to this online world. While it seems that others can separate the screen from reality, Chickenlandia spends so much time connecting with people via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course, YouTube, that much of my world revolves around it. I’ve learned that I need to protect Chickenlandia, and myself. Enter my most recent run-in with rejection.

Sad, sad chicken!

Has anyone ever told you not to go online first thing in the morning? Whoever told you that was a smart person. I’ve also been given that advice, but last week, at around 5:45am, I did not heed it. I rolled over in bed, grabbed my phone, and I went onto a social media site to start reading about chickens (educational, right?). It was at that moment that I discovered something surprising. I had been blocked by a fellow chicken person! The worst thing was I had no idea why. OUCH! There’s that rejection signpost again.

Which way shall I go?

I had a choice at the vulnerable moment. Which way should I go? Well, I decided to go The Chickenlandia Way. It’s a path that was made clearer by a rejection I’ll likely never know the reason for. But I’m grateful for the signpost. I really needed it. Click the play button below to find out why!

How has rejection affected your life? Let me know in the comments!

Chicken Salad Bars and Other Renovations!

It’s been an exciting week in Chickenlandia! If you’ve been following my blog and YouTube Channel for a while, then you might remember last year when my friend Julie came and helped me with some renovations in the chicken coop and yard. Click play to see the fun stuff she did:

You may also remember that I had a hawk attack just before Thanksgiving. That was a really tough time and I almost lost Little Stinker! Thank goodness that Julie came over again, this time with her wife Kris, and put up some netting so that I didn’t have to worry anymore. Here’s a video all about that adventure!

Well, here we are on the eve of summer and there is still much to be done. About five years ago I had some salad bars installed in Chickenlandia. They worked great but the wood didn’t last very long and they needed to be replaced. I was also in great need of a ramp for my sweet new ducks, Angry Marshmallow and Mr. Robot, who are so short they weren’t able to get into the chicken coop no matter how hard they tried (their wings were clipped at their previous residence. Enter the ever talented and helpful Julie and Kris. Watch them save the day once more in this video:

Do you have any projects going on in your chicken yard and coop? Let me know in the comments!

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