A Letter from The President of Chickenlandia

Letter from the president of ChickenlandiaGreetings and Welcome to Chickenlandia! I’m Dalia, also known as The President of Chickenlandia. As you can see, I take loving chickens pretty seriously.

I’m so happy you’re here. I want you to know that first and foremost, you belong here. Everyone belongs in Chickenlandia because chickens are one of humankind’s most incredible common denominators. To understand more of what I mean, please check out my TEDX Talk.

Basically, all of us have loved chickens one way or another, which means we have something great in common. Honestly, what could be more great than a flock of fuzzy-butted chickens?

I hope you’ll stick with me as we discover this wonderful chicken world together. In fact, I’d love to share some of your stories here on my website. If you have a unique chicken story, please submit it to me by email

I know we humans are kinda having a hard time right now. Let’s take a break and come together in Chickenlandia. <3

Viva La Chickenlandia!

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