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Chickenlandia LLC is the creation of Backyard Chicken Educator Dalia Monterroso. Its focus is to bring people together through education and entertainment regarding humankind’s most amazing common denominator: The Chicken. With the popular YouTube Channel Welcome to Chickenlandia, Dalia brings forth a more sustainable and natural way of keeping chickens with special attention to urban and suburban environments. In March of 2021, Chickenlandia LLC launched a new online course: Chickenlandia’s Backyard Chickens 101 – A Chicken Course for Everyone. Regardless of the avenue, The Chickenlandia Team’s goal is to share a way of keeping chickens that is fun, entertaining, and stress-free.

Meet The President of Chickenlandia

Welcome to Chickenlandia
Dalia Monterroso

You know her as The President of Chickenlandia, but her non-feathered friends call her Dalia. Some years ago, Dalia decided to bring home ten little chicks and start a hobby. That hobby quickly grew into a full-feathered passion that she couldn’t stop talking about. Before long, she was part-owner of a farm store, teaching beginner chicken-keeping classes, and delivering seminars across Northwest Washington. While the store has since closed, Dalia continues to help others start their chicken-keeping adventure while sharing peace, laughter, and inspiration.

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TedX at WWU

To really get to know The President of Chickenlandia, you should check out her 2017 TEDx Talk at Western Washington University. Through story, chicken facts, and even song, she uses humanity’s unique relationship with the chicken to illustrate how focusing on our common ground can cultivate compassion and understanding.

While Dalia really loves sharing the ins-and-outs of chicken keeping, her ultimate aim is to pass on the broader meaning she has discovered in her passion for poultry. Dalia believes that being among her flock has brought a peace and significance into her life that she was always searching for, and she wishes to share that peace with all of you.

Dalia currently lives in Bellingham, WA with her husband, two children, four little rescue dogs, five ducks, and numerous chickens. Her husband John Trapman (also known as The First Man of Chickenlandia) is an Aerial Cinematographer. Together they enjoy his love of flying in helicopters and her love of non-flying birds.

The Royals of Welcome to Chickenlandia

Meet The Chickenlandia Presidential Advisor

Kelcie has been raising animals for most of her life, growing up with a father who was passionate about birds and poultry. At 18 years old, Kelcie received a Veterinary Assistant Certification and went on to work with her father at a local Feed Store for over 10 years. She eventually became the manager until the building was destroyed by a tragic fire in 2019. Having grown up around feedstores and poultry show barns, she has extensive knowledge about chickens (as well as so many other pets and animals).

Welcome to Chickenlandia
Kelcie Paulis

Kelcie lives with her husband and two daughters on their 5 acre mini farm; Lavender Lane Farm, in Ferndale, Wa. She raises rare breed poultry, dwarf goats, alpaca, and more on their little homestead.

Kelcie loves helping people learn about animal husbandry or just “talking shop” with other enthusiasts. You may hear from her when you send in a question here at Chickenlandia. She is happy to help answer any questions and share her poultry knowledge.

Meet The Designer behind Chickenlandia

Rowan Moore-Seifred is the Principal and Creative Director of DoubleMRanch Design, a Washington based Graphic Design and Marketing firm. Despite the name there is no ranch but there are a few chicken stories in our closet.

“It has been my pleasure to work with Dalia over the past 6 years as she has created Chickenlandia, I love the message, I love what she works so hard to put out. I connect with Dalia as a sister creative, a working mom, and a force for good in the world. She has faith in her mission and that makes my work experience a very positive one. Thank you Dalia!”—Rowan

Prior to founding DoubleMRanch Design in 1994, Rowan served as Art Director at A&M Records in Los Angeles. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Communication Design from The Otis College of Art and Design in 1986.  Over 3 decades, Rowan has built up a substantial graphic profile that is unbound by convention and sought after by a host of clients – from international corporations to local non profits.

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12 comments on “Welcome to Chickenlandia”

  1. The things that live in Chickenlandia always make me smile,
    I’ve followed and watched on YouTube for quite a little while.
    Your family friendly antics are always worth a viewing,
    I’ve watched at times when really there was something else I should be doing.
    The love of chooks and ducks you have is something to behold,
    The way you treat them with respect the public should be told.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, its a treat to watch you Dalia,
    As I say to all your vid….ALL HAIL CHICKENLANDIA.

  2. Madame President,
    I really appreciate your YouTube Channel, Podcast, and all the work you do in educating us! I am a new Chicken Chick in North Texas. I’ve enjoyed learning from you. Thank you.

  3. I’m getting my first chicks this Spring. I’ve watched a lot of videos and read a lot too. You’re the best and will continue to follow to be better educated before we get started. I’m excited!

  4. Hi! I’m dealing with scaly leg mites for the first time in my little flock of five. I was FREAKING OUT thinking I had to dip my babies’ feet and legs in gasoline, so I am soooooo glad I was listening to your podcast and you recommended a different method. We’re on Day 2 of treatment, and I’m already seeing an improvement. Thank you so much! Vivian, Briar, Ladybug, Crete, and Polonius thank you too!

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