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You know me as The President of Chickenlandia, but my non-feathered friends call me Dalia. Some years ago, I decided to bring home ten little chicks and start a hobby. That hobby quickly grew into a full-feathered passion that I couldn’t stop talking about. Before long, I was part-owner of a farm store, teaching beginner chicken-keeping classes, and delivering seminars across Northwest Washington. While my store has since closed shop, I continue to help people start their chicken-keeping adventures while sharing peace, laughter, and inspiration through chickens.

You may have discovered Chickenlandia through my popular Facebook page Welcome to Chickenlandia, or through my YouTube Channel. I’ve also written a few chicken articles here and there, and ages ago I published several freelance articles in the Miami Herald and other non-chicken publications.

President of Welcome to Chickenlandia

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TedX at WWU

To really get to know me, you should take a moment to check out my 2017 TedX Talk at Western Washington University, in which I use humanity’s unique relationship with the chicken to illustrate how focusing on common ground can cultivate compassion and understanding. While I really love sharing the ins and outs of chicken keeping, my ultimate aim is to pass on the broader meaning I have discovered in my passion for poultry. I believe that being among my flock has brought a peace and significance into my life that I was always searching for, and I wish to share that peace with all of you.

I currently live in Bellingham, WA with my husband, two young children, four little dogs, ducks, and chickens. My husband John Trapman (also known as The First Man of Chickenlandia) is kind of a big deal! He works in the entertainment industry as an Aerial Director of Cinematography. Together we enjoy his love of flying in helicopters and my love of mostly-non-flying birds.

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11 comments on “Meet Dalia Monterroso”

  1. There’s a very old chick in Texas that’s very proud and impressed!!! ❤️🙀🐔🐥🦆

  2. The things that live in Chickenlandia always make me smile,
    I’ve followed and watched on YouTube for quite a little while.
    Your family friendly antics are always worth a viewing,
    I’ve watched at times when really there was something else I should be doing.
    The love of chooks and ducks you have is something to behold,
    The way you treat them with respect the public should be told.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, its a treat to watch you Dalia,
    As I say to all your vid….ALL HAIL CHICKENLANDIA.

  3. Madame President,
    I really appreciate your YouTube Channel, Podcast, and all the work you do in educating us! I am a new Chicken Chick in North Texas. I’ve enjoyed learning from you. Thank you.

  4. I’m getting my first chicks this Spring. I’ve watched a lot of videos and read a lot too. You’re the best and will continue to follow to be better educated before we get started. I’m excited!

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